I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you and your team at Mari Jane's Massage.  Below I will describe my experience with THIS CBD's effects on specific ailments in different individuals I have watched during their trial use of your product (at least 1 month of observations).


Let me first say, I purchased several bottles from you after I saw the positive effects of your product in one of my close friends.  This particular friend suffered from severe vertigo.  I say severe because she was not able to drive, swim, dance or even walk more than a few steps at a time with a cane.  To complicate things she WAS a heavy drinker too.  So the two conditions combined was a disaster and her quality of life was less than poor.  In fact, the medics came one evening and said she needed to go to the hospital or she may not make it.  She was having a pancreatic hepatitis attack and the medics wanted her to detox under medical care.  She refused.  I started her on your organic cold pressed pharmaceutical grade CBD oil.  She detoxed at home with her daughter and me on a 24 hour watch.  Within 2 weeks she was sober, her severe stomach cramping (the condition which brought the medics) had subsided, the blueish red color of her ankles and feet cleared up to normal flesh color, the yellowing in her eyes faded, her head stopped shaking and bobbing, the DT's where minimal throughout the detoxification process (AMAZING), she was walking again without assistance.  With in 6 weeks my friend (who is over 70) was back at the pool swimming and driving her golf cart around, both of which she had not done in over a year prior to taking CBD. This experience had me SOLD on your product.  


Because I have several aging family members (including me) that have been experience negative effects from diseases and conditions I thought, well if it works for Detoxifying the body from Alcohol poisoning and it helps Vertigo, it might work on my other loved one's ailments which range from:  Menopausal sleep disruption, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibroid Malaysia, anxiety, PTSD, Nerve pain from Shingles, general depression, liver function disorders from Hepatitis C, Heroin Addition with drawls, arthritis, statin poisoning and finally, back pain from multiple surgical interventions. I went about spreading the news.  WOW what a response.  I sent out bottles to the folks with the list of ailments above and I could not believe the positive responses I've received.


One person was just diagnosed with a rare (ya right not so rare) reaction to statins that he was prescribed after having a stent put in.  He was on the statins for about 10 months and then had an allergic reaction to something unrelated which triggered an autoimmune deficiency resulting in severe and crippling muscle cramping and seizing.  This man was a picture of health, vegan diet, a runner, non smoker, never drugged or drank etc.....a health nut.....after this experience however, he could not straighten his hands, feet or back because of the pain. 

Watching/hearing this was nothing short of tragic.  I sent him CBD.  He cleansed and tried to detoxify himself naturally and used the CBD.  After 5-10 days or so he said he was 89% better.  He thought it was the cleansing and when he miss placed his bottle of CBD he wasn't worried....UNTIL a few days after not taking the CBD, but still cleansing, the pain returned.  I believe his endocannabinoid system will eventually refortify so he will not always need CBD (good question for you though?) but until that happens your product has returned him to the quality of life he enjoyed before he subscribed to the statin that was the catalyst behind the autoimmune issue resulting in his debilitating condition.----WARNING TO STATIN USERS......

I have another friend that had been diagnosed with Fibro and MS.  She had to give up her job because of her conditions.  I stayed with her for a spell and watched her struggle to get up to get her hands working and to move.  She was stiff and labored to walk.  After just 3 days on CBD she could move better, function better, meet her day to day demands etc which helped with her anxiety and depression as well (I get it, it would be depressing if you couldn't function like you were used to).  She is now cooking, swimming, driving, walking and laughing again!!!  I watched this with my own eyes with in 3 days!!!!

There are so many more to tell you about.


The last one for today;  I have a loved one that suffers from back pain and sciatica.  In this case, this person had an infection in his spine which ate away several vertebra.  As a result he had a 6 inch metal bracket fused to his spine.  This causes inflammation and pain at times when he over exerts himself.  He had a severe flare up that would not subside.  He was walking minimally and with a cane.  He was in excruciating pain and miserable.  When I heard of his situation I sent him your product.  MELODY.....3 days, 3 days and he was up and traveling and camping and after a few weeks he was on top of my two story home cleaning my roof!!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!  He did not try any other remedies but hand fulls of Naproxen, which didn't work well and taxed his already compromised liver.  In this case, your product is even more of a Godsend as he does not tolerate pharmaceuticals well!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU for creating a healing product that works, that is affordable and that his been crafted with integrity!

With my Gratitude,


With my sincerest gratitude and appreciation! 

Sincerely V. M.

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