Prescription Drug Abuse:

A Serious Problem

Opioids become addictive after just 5 days of use

You can see the reality of cannabis medicines effectiveness in all the things that smoking it good for, it is widely known and observable that people with cancer, chronic pain inflammatory conditions, and other conditions smke cannabis with remarkably efficacy.

When you think about that, it's pretty crazy that setting something on fire and inhaling the resulting smoke (thus getting the cannbinoids in a low-concentration form throught the lungs, which are not meant to ingest things) works better that man expensive pharmacruticals.

But with cannabis extract oil, there are two primary differences.

First, the cannabinoids are much more concentrated than with smoking, so it has a more powerfull effect on your system.

Second, the oil is applied topically, not smoked, meaning it is digested throught the system that is meant to absorb nutrients.

Essentially, you are feeding your body the pure molecules that enable it to stay balanced, and since all disease is an imbalance of some kind, this medicine is effective against nearly anything. At least, that's what the bulk of science and real experience show.

Here are just a few conditions that science has proven cannabinoids are therapeutically active against:






Mutiple Sclerosis


Cancer cells die in 42 days.

We want this knowledge out there for everyone to learn.

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